Should I Use a Component Model Element?

Component Model Element

Lauren M. from Michigan Asks:

“I often see the option to create a Component when using Cameo, mostly when building a Block Definition Diagram. Should I be using Component Model Elements instead of Blocks?”

Component Model Element

Beyond MBSE Answers:

Hi Lauren! Our preference is generally to not use the Component Model Element as it is not robust enough to capture all the defining interface characteristics of a system/subsystem block. Our concern is if you are defining interfaces with Interface Blocks, a Component element cannot utilize the Proxy Port implementation. Component elements utilize the regular port implementation and which restricts the use of the port internally to the Component element only.

Proxy Ports are available to external elements and are leveraged by Interface Blocks to help specify flow of information and interface characteristics. The use of Interface Blocks and Proxy Ports are a preferred method as it maintains consistency in the model of the different interfaces that are utilized across the system or system-of-systems.

Component Element

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