Active Validation

active validation

Active Validation is a key concept in Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), which involves the continuous testing and validation-activity of a system model throughout its development and evolution.

This refers to the process of continuously checking the consistency and accuracy of the system model, as well as the validity of the assumptions, constraints, and requirements that form the basis of the model. It involves testing the system model using simulation, analysis, and other methods to validate that the system behaves as expected and meets the specified requirements.

In MBSE, this is an important aspect of model-driven development and ensures that the system model remains accurate and up-to-date throughout its lifecycle. By actively validating the system model, engineers can identify and correct any issues or errors early in the development process, before they become more difficult and expensive to fix.

In SysML model suites, the «activeValidationSuite» stereotype is applied.

It is possible to create your own active validation suites.

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